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Painful steel-toothed clamps hung from their sore nipples and labia and their breasts, bottoms and cunts were red from flogging.They had endured twelve hours of hard fucking and their torn, tattered dresses clung to the skinny young girls’ shivering, sweat-soaked frames purely by virtue of their moist skin and the stale, sticky cum plastered all over their bodies.

She was a victim of circumstance, tricked or coerced like Kerry and her sister into participating in this depraved frat party.The two girls even managed to catch a few short naps after events began to wind down, sleeping in bursts of fifteen to twenty minutes.There were older women kneeling next to them, also bound hand and foot.She was tall, pale, fit but curvy with long red hair and large, heaving breasts that grazed Lindley’s stiff little nipples with every breath.Kerry had enjoyed fucking her and wished she was the one feeling the pretty whore’s tits rise and fall.

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